Saguaro 002 - 16" x 20" Print

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IMG_1802 - resized.jpg

Saguaro 002 - 16" x 20" Print


Saguaros are exclusively found in the Sonoran Desert (southern Arizona and Sonora, Mexico) and can live to be as old as 150-200 years old. They provide food and shelter to many of your favorite desert animals, especially birds.

Your purchase makes a difference.

25% of proceeds from this print will be donated to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico.

• Printed on acid-free archival gallery quality paper

• 16” x 20”

• Delivery may take up to 2 weeks from purchase

(Please note that due to size of packaging, we cannot deliver this product to P.O. Boxes)

About the artist:

Melodee Solomon is a photographer, breathing meditation teacher, and Earth guardian. With every photo, she aims to capture the essence & feeling of each landscape. These nature portraits are intended to create an easy way for supporters to give back to, and consciously exchange with, the Earth. With each purchase - you are helping to preserve natural habitats that many wild plants and animals depend on; together we can sustain and regenerate the beauty and flow of life on our precious planet.

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