I am an intuitive energy healer, breath work facilitator, yoga & meditation teacher based out of Southern California. 

I am a healing and visual artist that works with the elements of shadow and light.  I believe that a large part of self-healing is to embrace both the light (happiness, love, joy, etc.) and shadow (anger, sadness, grief, etc.) within.  The path to illumination, freedom, and personal power is through the core of your “darkness” and “wounds”.

I am your guide and your anchoring rock.  I am a pro-listener and a guardian of safe and sacred space.

I am committed to helping you restore and deepen your relationship with yourself.  When this relationship is healthy, all external relationships (money, family, romantic partnership) are more balanced and harmonious.

I am here to help you slow down your mental pace by using conscious breathing, so that the wisdom of your internal guidance system can come forward.

I am here to help you dissect the parasitic energies that feed off of your fear and racing thoughts.  I am here to guide you on a breath work journey to free those energies from your mind, body, and spirit.  I am here to help you patch up energy leaks, so that you can harness more personal power, balance, peace and clarity in your life.

I believe that self-love & self-mastery is a fine art. I believe that we each have the ability to shape and create our lives into masterpieces with time, patience, determination, and courageous imagination.


Melodee is passionate about guiding individuals towards tapping deeply into their personal power.  She holds a B.A. in Sociology from UCLA and is trained and certified in Breath Work, Yoga, Reiki, NLP, and Hypnosis.  She shares her teachings in classrooms at Southwestern Community College, as well as various yoga studios around San Diego, CA.

Melodee’s teachings also extend into corporate settings.  She believes in helping busy business professionals create balance between personal-family-work life.  Melodee has worked one-on-one with many CEO’s of large corporations, and strives to help individuals find a deeper level of peace, balance and fulfillment.  She is a part of Kaiser Permanente’s THRIVE initiative, where she teaches yoga and breath work meditation to pediatricians at Kaiser’s bi-annual Southern California conference.  Melodee is passionate about expanding her breath work meditation teachings into more corporate settings in the coming months.

Melodee has been studying energy healing for the past 8 years, learning from some of the world’s most preeminent healers.  She has trained with breath work teachers David Elliott and Dana DeLong.  She continues to study closely with David as well as with a Native American elder teacher in New Mexico.  She works very closely with her intuition, the medicine wheel, nature elements, essential oils and sacred herbs in her practice. She is committed both as a student and a teacher - the world is her classroom.  The deeper she goes into her own personal healing work, the deeper she is able to guide clients along their healing path.

Melodee believes that creativity is a vehicle for healing, see her photography here.

Melodee offers one-on-one private sessions (in person and via Skype), couples sessions, private groups, online groups, corporate groups, and weaves her work into yoga teacher trainings. • View Offerings

All Healing is Self-healing.

No one heals us; We heal ourselves by the power of knowing our place in the Universe…

– Alberto Villoldo