What is Breath Work?

This profound pranayama technique is an active meditation that encourages stuck energy to move and flow throughout your physical, mental, and emotional body. This is your opportunity to somatically release and deeply cleanse yourself of the energetic "gunk" that is old, not yours, and that no longer serves you.

With the use of essential oils designed for each chakra, sacred herbs, music, and intuitive guidance, Melodee creates a safe container for you to journey inward with your breath to access the deepest and highest part of your being. The breath will lead each individual toward a one-of-a-kind experience; it will connect you to your body's unique life-force vibration.

Breath work is a powerful tool to support you in moving beyond any limiting beliefs or behaviors; each breath is an opportunity to re-write your life's script. You will leave feeling lighter, more clear, open-hearted, and with a full flowing tank of life-force energy!



What breath work can do for you:

  • Reprogram limiting beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you "stuck" in life

  • Improve energy levels and relieve stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Find mental clarity by connecting with the inner wisdom of your higher self

  • Process and release strong emotions like grief, fear, or anger

  • Support addiction recovery

  • Heal ancestral/lineage karma

  • Deepen spiritual connection and develop intuitive gifts




Private Session
$200 / 75 minutes (In person or online)

Private Session w/ Reiki
$225 / 90 minutes

Couples Session
$225 / 75 minutes

Private & Corporate Groups
Contact for custom rates.

3 Private Sessions: $455 (75 mins • $152/Session)

5 Private Sessions: $700 (75 mins • $140/Session)



"Rarely are we taught how to love and accept ourselves for who we truly are.  Consumerism, family, religion, etc. can often condition us to see all the ways we are not good enough. Rarely are we provided the tools to shift our deeply rooted limiting beliefs.  Rarely are we raised with tools that help us to see our "flaws" as actual valuable gifts.

There’s a void, a feelings of lack and emptiness, that many of us feel on the inside.  It’s easy to try and “fill” this void with external things - career success, relationships, material goods, money, alcohol, drugs, etc.  However, when we try to stuff this void with things outside of ourselves, we eventually end up circling back to feelings of lack, emptiness, and wanting more.  The truth is that nothing outside of yourself can fill up this void forever. The truth is that the emptiness can only be filled up YOU, yourself.

Feeling WHOLE & CONNECTED is an internal process.

But how do we get there?

Breath work is a highly effective technique that continues to change my life.  It is a process that allows me to use "blocks" (trauma, fear, pain, judgement, disappointment, anxiety, shame, guilt, etc.) as illuminating tools for transformation. Breath work was the vehicle that led me to unveil my deepest sense of self-love and compassion. When you fill up the void from the inside, nobody and nothing can take away your sensation of feeling whole and connected. That is the gift of the breath.”

— Melodee Solomon