These photoshoots are sacred.  It’s so much more than just about looking/feeling “pretty.”  It’s about standing in your light, embodying all of your gifts and all the work you’ve done on yourself; it’s about presenting yourself to the world in a confident, grounded, and playful way.

We start each session with intention setting.  We work with the elements and sacred herbs to help spread your prayers, so that you can reach whom you are meant to work and share your gifts with.  I’ll ask you to infuse the photos with your energy and intention.  Then you will make plant offerings of sage, tobacco, cedar, and corn directly into the earth or sprinkle into the air (most of my photoshoots are done outdoors).  To me, intention is the most important part of the photo sessions.  

Every single person carries different medicine and magic.  It's my job to help draw out the light of your essence and capture it in a photo.  

If you are a healer, good witch, teacher, leader, artist, astrologer, numerologist, doula, dancer, goddess, earth lover, being of Light — I want to work with you and your magic.  It’s time to be seen and share your gifts with a larger audience.  The world needs you. I see you.


PACKAGE "A" - $349

• 1-hour photo session

• 10 web-resolution images

• Up to 3 different looks/outfits

PACKAGE "B" - $449

• 2-hour photo session

• 20 web-resolution images

• 4+ different looks/outfits

***Travel fees not included. 


FEBRUARY 5 - 30, 2018: Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM

MARCH 1 - MARCH 31, 2018: San Diego and Los Angeles, CA

MAY 1 - 10, 2018:  New York City / Brooklyn, NY ***FULL / WAITLIST***

MAY 20 - 22, 2018: Joshua Tree, CA

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