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The Healing Art of Being Seen - Vista, CA

This workshop is for highly sensitive and gifted empaths, healers, artists — the conscious and creative entrepreneurs.  Those who care about their craft so much, that they sometimes have reservations about sharing a sacred part of themselves with the world, because they feel so deeply about it.

Am I an imposter? Am I even ready?

Am I doing it the “right way”? 

What if somebody judges me for my _____? 

What if they just don’t get it?

Almost all of the people I’ve photographed have experienced anxiety, and even tears, right before our photo shoot.  Being in front of the camera is more that just taking a pretty picture; being in front of the camera will push on any of our weaknesses around self-image and self-worth.  When it comes to being seen - some just want to run in the other direction or hide under a rock.  Ironically, at the same time, we also want to be seen and recognized for our talents and passions. That’s what this workshop is about.

During this full day 7-hour workshop, we’re going to unpack the insecurities and fears around being seen.  Here are some things on the agenda:

  • Making peace with your inner critic (guided group visualization)

  • Creative show & tell.  Using group support and creative expression to connect to Universal Energy.

  • Partner and group exercises

  • 45-min group breath work - clearing out what’s in the way

  • Mini 1-on-1 photo sessions

  • Take home (1) 4x6 portrait print + (3) digital images

This is a safe space for you to practice being witnessed, just as you are.  We’re going to talk about vulnerability, socially constructed ideas of “beauty,” quality of presence, and much more.  We’re going to use the camera as a sacred tool to expose some shadows, and use breath work to align our bodies with our essence.  We’ll love-out the echos of our hyper inner critics, so we can anchor the vibration of our unique Truth into our bodies.

Come out of your shell and join us for some fun, healing, and community on lush sacred land! All sizes, shapes, skin colors, genders, ages (18+) are welcome.


11:00am - 3:00pm

Breath Work Healing Circle + Creative Show & Tell

3:00pm - 4:30pm

Lunch break (this will give you time to ground and freshen up before photos.  Light snacks will be served.)

4:30pm - 6:00pm

Mini 1-on-1 portrait sessions and closing circle.

Early bird discount (before May 30, 2019): $160

Regular Price: $175

Event location address will be provided upon registration.