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The Healing Art of Being Seen

• Do you find yourself hiding and playing small to keep "safe", yet have the urge to be seen and recognized for your talents?

• Do you self-criticize and compare your image to how others present themselves?

• Does being in front of a camera bring up anxiety and a whole flurry of other uncomfortable feelings?

• Are you wanting to take your teachings and business to the next level, but feel fear around being seen for your gifts by a larger audience? 

• What if you could feel more confident, grounded, and embodied, and let that presence vibrationally speak to your audience? 

Well this workshop is for you, especially if you are a teacher, healer, and consciousness entrepreneur that is launching more meaningful work into the world.  Putting out more offerings into the world will always bring up new material for personal healing, no matter how far you are along your journey.  It can feel risky and unsafe, but if you want more, you have to be willing to be seen more, and willing to "risk" more.

Almost half of the people I've photographed (100+) find themselves in tears crying during the first fifteen minutes of our photo session.  Why?  Because it is totally normal for feelings to come up, especially when it has to do with being exposed and vulnerable (even more so when we are sharing our precious talents & gifts with the world for the first time).  Looking into a camera can be intimidating, but what if the camera could be a portal for deep healing?

We will be surrounded by sacred land and gardens at the Momma Yurt in Vista, CA to weave in the experiences of group discussion, breath work, and spending time in front of the camera.  This is your chance to unpack and clear out old fears and insecurities around being seen.  We'll engage with the camera as a sacred tool, in a safe and meaningful way, to see what surfaces for healing.  Then we'll move into a breath journey to somatically release old stories and energetic blocks, so that you can claim the full truth of your talents, beauty, and value.  

Each participant will be gifted a mini photo session at the end of the workshop, and will get to take home some glowing, open-hearted portraits! 


3:00pm - 5:30pm     Breath Work Healing Circle

5:30pm - 6:00pm     Refreshment break (this will give you time to ground and freshen up         before photos.  Light snacks will be served.)

6:00pm - 7:00pm     Mini portrait session with each participant

Come out of your shell and join us for some fun, healing, and community on lush sacred land!  All sizes, shapes, skin colors, genders, ages (15+) are welcome.

Investment: $75

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