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(Online) Breath Work x Dealing with Distractions


Are you easily distracted?

What are some of your biggest go-to distractions and weak spots?

In what ways does the media + social media influence your ability to focus and stay present? 

Do you often find your mind pulling you into the past or the future? 

How do you maneuver through distracting energies? 

How do you stay present?  


This virtual group will focus on where we're misplacing our energy, and how we can begin/continue developing the discipline to stay present.  We'll be breathing and tapping into the powerful energy of the solar eclipse to activate and integrate more of our spirit into our bodies.


This is a live, online group event that will be held via Zoom.  Once you register below, an email will be sent to you with more details for the call.
Thursday, July 12, 2018 -  6:00PM - 7:00PM (PST)
$20.00 to attend live
Must download Zoom to participate
Register here:
Registration closes at 3:00pm on the day of.